4 Ways of Selling Your Property

Property owners are often faced with the question of what method of selling property they should use. There are many ways to sell your property, but it is important to notice that each one has its own risks and rewards. Here are 4 options when selling your property:

Method 1: Using a Real Estate Agent
This is by far the most common way of selling a Tucson AZ Realtors property and includes paying a licensed estate agent commission to sell your property. By no means is this a legal requirement when selling property but for those who are selling for the first time, this should be a serious option. Not only do real estate agents bring experience and knowledge to the table but they are also skilled in negotiating and closing deals – both things that can be very daunting for a first time seller.

Method 2: Sale by Private Tender/Set Sale
When you put your property up for sale by tender, you set the terms, conditions and the deadline while prospective buyers have the opportunity to put forward their competitive bids. The individual bids are not transparent and tenders are asked to seal their offer in an envelope and deposit it by a predetermined date and time. The seller then opens the tenders together and chooses the best one. This method of selling is a great way to get the maximum sale price but at the same time it reduces the possibility of achieving a result higher than expectations.

Method 3: Sell at an Auction
When using this method, sellers introduce a starting price and potential buyers bid against each other. The final price is decided by the highest bidder, which means that the sale price can be higher than expected in some cases. This is an expensive way to sell but it can be very beneficial especially for property that has the combination of being both unusual and sought after.

Method 4: Do It Yourself
This means that you, the seller, would be doing the job of a real estate agent and naturally means that you would need some knowledge of the process of selling property. You would be handling all tasks including marketing and advertising property, arranging viewings with potential buyers, negotiating prices and making legal and financial arrangements for the transfer of the property.

No two property sales are ever the same and different methods of selling are suitable for different circumstances. It is important to do research and find the right way to sell your property to ensure the maximum sale price.