Nerd Merchandise – Geek Gift Ideas For That Special Nerd

So you are looking for a gift for that special nerd in your life and don’t want to get the same ole pocket protector you bought for them last year. Well, you have come to the right place for ideas.

Nerdy merchandise has come a long way since nerds were first born – no longer are nerds equipped with pocket protectors and suspenders! And when shopping for that special gift, don’t even consider glasses repair tape! Geek clothing has advanced right along with high-tech gadgets and an informed shopper will want to see the latest in nerds tshirts and other nerd merchandise.

This article will focus mainly on Tshirts and hopefully give you a better idea of what to look for and find a gift your nerd is really in to. You can click the link in my bio to find most of this merchandise online, but it is a pretty good guess that a local Tshirt shop will carry at least some of these items.

Top ranked Nerd TShirts are:
· “meh” The plain black Tshirt just says exactly what every bored nerd is thinking.
· “You are dumb.” (In binary) When asked what their Tshirt says, they get to prove their superiority!
· Classic nerds (thats a nice way of saying “old nerds”) will love the plain Tshirt with just a picture of nerd glasses.
· “I recycle” for the environmentally conscious nerd.
· “Come to the dark side. . . ” for the Star Wars nerd.
· “You are here” with our location in the galaxy hoody Oregon plainly marked for those space nerds.
· “2+2=5” for those math nerds out there who would love to explain this concept to everyone they meet.
· “I void warranties” for the repair nerd who always wants to “fix” it for you.

There is also a whole batch of gaming Tshirts with references to every game ever made. If your geek has a favorite, even an old favorite, you can bet there is a nerds shirt just waiting for them.

There is an endless supply of movie nerd merchandise too. Monty Python, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Princess Bride, you name it! My favorite is the “The Knights who Formerly Said Ni.” There is also Sci-Fi TV show Tshirts including Stargate and Battlestar Galactica. And just as you would expect, there is every type of comic book/superhero Tshirt you can ever imagine, from Heavy Metal to Domo-Kun to Batman.

And for the incredibly high tech geek in your life (not for the laundry-challenged) you can now find illuminated Tshirts with versions of retro table tennis playing across the chest, an animated graphics equalizer or a wi-fi signal detector.

Nerd merchandise has certainly come a long way since the 80s. I hope my brief summary has given you some ideas for that special nerd. If you still don’t have an idea, ask them what their favorite movie quote is and I bet they make a Tshirt for it!