Organic Perfumes – Application Rituals and Staying Power Ideas

Have you ever really thought about how you apply your natural perfume? Below are some neat ideas and rituals on application and staying power hints and welcoming romantic intimate moments. Wearing or smelling synthetic perfumes pack a punch, (also due to the addition of synthetic fixatives) they take over the space; part of the beauty of an organic perfume is that they have softer and subtler scents. Natural scents are non invasive, they stay close to your body and create an individual scent that is unique to the wearer. If you are used to a strong perfume, you will need some time to get used to the subtlety of a natural fragrance and to enjoy the new experience and love the way its smells. Synthetic fragrances cannot capture the same subtlety or softness; they cannot mimic the way a natural rihanna’s perfume evolves on the skin that is unique to our own body chemistry. The best places to apply fragrance are between your breasts, around the ankles, the sides of your neck (receiving a kiss on the cheek gives your receiver a beautiful gift of scent) and behind your knees as these are some of your pulse points. Dab and spray your scent in your hair, or for that special occasion apply your perfume on the back of your neck, letting your hair pick up the scent and release it with every move of your head. Wear your perfume on your clothes. If you are in doubt about your perfume staining your clothes do a patch test especially with perfume that are in carrier oils. Perfume works best with natural fibres such as cotton and wool. Dab on a handkerchief and put it in your jacket pocket, or dab some on a cotton ball to provide a subtle scent and place it in your bra.

Staying power hints – layering and blending your natural perfume. As we have already stated, natural organic perfumes do not contain synthetic fixatives. Lighter citrus, flowers and gentle scents float away much faster than the heavier scents. Lasting power varies greatly among individuals, depending on your skin type. A natural perfume does have to be renewed throughout the day and most of our customers love the ritual of reapplication. A perfume has more staying power in a dryer environment, with hot humid days you need to renew your perfume more regularly so keep your fragrance in your handbag. Your skin also plays a role on how long a scent lasts, oily skin retains scent better and longer, while with a dry skin the fragrance does not last as long. We recommend that you apply a moisturiser, jojoba oil or coconut oil on still damp skin after you bath/shower to prep your skin so that you get maximum longevity out of your perfume. Oil based perfumes which are in Jojoba oil are more concentrated and are the way to go for skin types that are very dry. Such as the Synthesis essential oil perfumes, Aroma-Soma perfume balms. Appling Jojoba oil onto your pulse points before you apply your fragrance will also prolong the scent’s life. Layering for a unique natural scent. Wearing a body lotion before you apply your perfume does not need to be scented in a matching scent as your perfume, laying your scent with a matching body lotion is beautifully indulgent and will also prolong the life of your perfume.