Accessories That Make the Outfit

Fashion in large part comes down to the signature pieces a person wears. This is especially true for formal attire – a ball gown or white tie tuxedos speak for themselves. However, the power of accessories should never be underrated. They can add that perfect element of elegance, charm or funkiness to an outfit. Moreover, accessories are often cheap (or cheaper to buy) than entire new outfits, which means that when you’re feeling a bit broke you can still reinvent your wardrobe.


Shoes aren’t accessories per se, because you really do need them, but they aren’t exactly part of the bigger picture either – they are kind of on the cusp of accessory and outfit, which makes them one of the Party Lingerie Dresses most important items a person has on. Shoes act like accessories because the don’t necessarily have to go perfectly with your outfit and are something people can be very adventurous with – gold boots, rainbow coloured platforms, two-tone- bowlers. Flats, heels, open-toe, boots, wedges or ballerinas, it doesn’t really matter as long as your shoes make a statement.


Whether you’re wearing a hat to keep your head warm, your face protected or your look cool it really doesn’t matter, people who wear hats are brave and bold. Popular hat styles at the moment are the fedora – worn by both men and women and usually paired with jeans, espadrilles and a white tee; the sun hat – worn by women goes perfectly with a kafkan on the beach or in the city in the summer; and little top hats – worn by men and women and look quite cool with jean shorts, bathing suits, and low-top Converse.


You may have thought that bandanas went out in the middle of the nineties, but they are actually still on trend. And if not typical bandanna prints, than other types of prints and colours. They can be tied around a person’s neck, around their wrist, ankle or even put in their pocket.


Jewellery can make an outfit an outfit. In fact it can completely outshine signature pieces. Funky costume jewellery can add an edgy, well-travelled, or antique look to an outfit. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies or pearls, of course add a sophisticated and wealthy look to an outfit. Cufflinks, classic necklaces, and a pair of diamond studs are the perfect accessories for everyday wear – they never get tired and they never go out of style.

Sort through your accessories at home and decide what pieces you could still use. Consider the season as well as what you are wearing a lot of at the moment and take it from there.