Choosing a Refrigeration Equipment Rental Company

Cold storage is now more important a consideration than ever in many industries. For example, in the food industry, freshness is everything to the customer and food safety regulations are extremely strict.

The food sector was one which was particularly badly hit in many areas by the global economic downturn. As things begin to stabilise a little more, many companies are producing, shipping and transporting more goods once again and looking into refrigeration equipment provision.

There are a number of things to look out for when you’re researching the right equipment provider for you.


Does the company offer the option to rent Event Wedding Planning refrigeration equipment? For many companies requiring cold storage units this is the most cost-effective option for a number of reasons:

• You can rent the equipment for as short or long a period as you need to
• Your costs are fixed when you rent – there are no maintenance or repair fees
• If your needs change or you need an upgrade, it’s quick and easy with rentals
• You keep full control of your business operations and don’t have to outsource key processes


Does the company have experience in your sector? This is important as many companies that require refrigeration units operate in quite specialist sectors. These include:

• Food and drink
• Pharmaceuticals
• Events

There are often specialist units for these industries. For example large refrigerated units are available which have meat hooks included for businesses in the meat industry.

Industry-specific solutions are also available for the pharmaceuticals sector which often involves transporting high-value products.

Product range

Consider both your needs at the present moment and how they may also develop in the future. Discuss with refrigeration equipment rental firms how they might be able to accommodate your business both now and down the line. They should be able to demonstrate their adaptability with case studies and examples of other businesses they have worked with on a long-term basis.


Ask to see testimonials as well as first-hand evidence of the quality of the refrigeration equipment on offer. It should be well-maintained, clean and in excellent condition.


Before committing to renting refrigeration equipment you should feel comfortable discussing your needs with the company. Consider how well they understand your industry and what you are trying to achieve.

A knowledgeable refrigeration rental company will understand the industry well and be able to offer advice and guidance on the best products for your business – products that will save/make you money and help you to run your business better.