Spray Guns: Main Applications and Advantages

Spray Guns are basically painting equipments which have replaced the conventional painting brushes and rollers to a certain extent. Much faster in approach and precise in application, they are beneficial in the sense they create minimum wastage and less of a mess. But the main advantage is the immaculate finish that can be obtained sans conspicuous brush marks and uneven finishes. Paint Spray guns are used in a wide range of applications related to mass painting of automobiles, machines, equipments, furniture, and a lot more.

One of the main reasons why spray painting techniques are used widely is due to the durable protection it accords to the object painted. In the case of any painting involving brushes, not only do they leave ugly brush marks, but there is also every possibility of patches of paint cracking off to reveal the surface of the object. This could lead to gradual damage of the object which will have to be replaced. Moreover, conventional brush painting seldom gives a perfect and even finish. Spray guns can be used instead to paint on surfaces thereby giving it more of sheen and quality finish. Spray painting also dries faster due to the very fine layer of paint that is involved and moreover lends an appearance of brilliance and sheen.

Spray guns come in different models to suit various requirements and can be used to apply paint on wood, metal, fiber glass, etc. Basically made of stainless steel or other light weight materials, the Paint Spray body art paint Gun has various parts like the control knobs, needle, body, nozzle, etc the specifications of which depend on the size and type of object that has to be painted. For example, a medium or small sized object may require a spray gun with minimum specifications while something large and complicated could require more advanced spray painting equipment with lots of controls and functions.

Some of the different types of Guns are High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP), Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP), Electrostatic painting gun, Air Assisted Airless Guns, etc all of which have specific uses with regard to size and types of material that are to be painted.

Another application where these are used is in pressure washers that are mainly utilized to clean hard surfaces like walkways, concrete and tiled floors, industrial machinery, etc. Pressure Washer Guns are capable of generating high pressure in order to eject water, steam, or air across the said surface so as to virtually blast the impurities and dirt away.

It is very important that you go in for a Spray Gun which fits your requirements as well as the material that has to be painted on. In some cases, you may be required to use different sized nozzles as per the area to be painted.