Miles Away Worlds Apart

Crime surrounds us each day, everywhere. We cannot deny it. We cannot avoid it. It just surrounds us. It is different though when that crime is suddenly effecting you and those you care about. The author of “Miles Away…Worlds Apart” details his experiences when he realizes that corrupt leadership, a lawyer fooling people into handing over there money and not receiving what they are promised. The Florida lawyer is so good at conducting his Ponzi scheme that nobody doubts his sincerity and nobody realizes what a crook he is, except the author.

The author, also a lawyer, must examine his morals and values and decide whether or not to be a whistleblower. Will people believe him if he tells ponzi scheme attorney what he knows? This lawyer is so admired that they may not. Who will get hurt if he tells? Who will get hurt if he doesn’t. There are so many questions to examine. The author does an amazing job describing these feelings to his readers. They feel his pain, understand his dilemmas and will be deciding what they would do in his place. His writing is real, his imagery convincing and his words evoke real feelings.

Alan Sakowitz shows attorneys in a new light. He gives up millions to do what is right. He shows how his upbringing, his community and his religion ultimately help him make the best decision. Sakowitz uses a great deal of character development to show these things.

He successfully weaves crime, danger and suspense with a feel good story of doing the right thing.

Jennifer Savell enjoyed reading Alan Sakowitz’s compelling book “Miles Away… Worlds Apart: Empowering Lessons Gleaned From Experiences of a Whistleblower.”